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Some examples of Spanish programs in Spain that are available Dencanto Community during the year, among many others (request your custom program).

1) Themed Programs based on a specialty

The origin of the Spanish language

From the beginning of this language to its glory in the Golden Age.

The world of flamenco

Flamenco is rooted in the Spanish culture since the beginning of time. Now we can discover it by visiting its most well known locations.

The Madrid of Goya

Fundamental painter in Spain and precursor to the pictorial vanguards of the XX century. A large amount of museums in Madrid show us the works of this great artist.

2) Programs based on events or customs

Las Fallas

Enjoy one of Spain´s biggest festivals, learn its origin and history and enjoy the activities and customs on these dates in Valencia.

April Fair

One of the most spectacular moments to get to know Seville, the capital of Andalucía, is the April´s Fair where the entire city is decorated, women wearing flamenco dresses, buggies, men on horseback and their famous fair ground where you can enjoy the Andalusian culture.

Easter week

Visit the cities of Andalusia and get to know Spanish customs with centuries of history, the different brotherhoods "hermandades" and religious figures "pasos", works of art and a magical environment in the streets.

3) Programs with professional practices

Tourism, marketing and other specialties

Tourism and Marketing

Your group can take practices in business related with the tourism and marketing (Hotels, travel agencies, etc.) and learn Spanish specific to your profesional concentration.
Our staff does their job with all their heart
so you can have an unforgettable experience
You will have an educator with you at all times attending you in your own language and resolving the details of your trip.
The best choice for your
  • Educational goals
  • Acommodation needs
  • Cultural activities
During the first days of your trip our educator will be with you and your group in Spain, completely free and without any additional cost.
Prices adapted to you, we will design a program based around your economic needs.