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The best Spanish courses in Barcelona

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  • Barcelona

    Semi-Intensive Spanish course 10 Enforex Barcelona

    Enforex Barcelona
    A semi-intensive Spanish course in Barcelona. 10 Spanish lessons per week, 2 daily lessons.
    From 214.00 €
  • Barcelona

    Intensive Spanish course 20 ONLINE

    Enforex Barcelona
    Un curso intensivo de español online. 20 lecciones de español a la semana, 4 clases diarias.
    From 234.00 €
  • Barcelona

    Intensive Spanish course 20 Enforex Barcelona

    Enforex Barcelona
    An intensive Spanish course in Barcelona. 20 Spanish lessons per week, 4 daily lessons.
    From 294.00 €
  • Barcelona

    Superintensive Spanish course 30 Enforex Barcelona

    Enforex Barcelona
    30 Spanish lessons a week: 20 general lessons + 5 specific cultural lessons + 5 lessons in reduced groups.
    From 434.00 €
  • Barcelona

    Curso de español intensivo 20 Enfocamp Barcelona Playa

    Enfocamp Barcelona
    20 clases de español para niños y jovenes entre 5 y 17 años
    From 465.00 €
  • Barcelona

    DELE preparation course 20 Enforex Barcelona

    Enforex Barcelona
    DELE preparation course 20 lessons a week
    From 560.00 €
  • Barcelona

    SIELE preparation course Enforex Barcelona

    Enforex Barcelona
    SIELE preparation course 20 lessons a week
    From 560.00 €
  • Barcelona

    Day camp for children and teens Enfocamp Barcelona Enfocamp Barcelona Playa

    Enfocamp Barcelona
    Day camp for children aged from 5 to 18 that includes Spanish course and cultural activities. Accommodation not included
    From 885.00 €
  • Barcelona

    Summer Junior programme Enforex Barcelona

    Enforex Barcelona
    20 Spanish classes + cultural activities
    From 1030.00 €
  • Barcelona

    Summer camp for children and teens Enfocamp Barcelona Beach

    Enfocamp Barcelona
    Summer camp for children aged from 5 to 17.Spanish lessons, lodging in residence and cultural activities are included.
    From 1230.00 €
Educator profile picture Monika Przysiecka


Hi! I'm Monika Przysiecka,
Specialist in Spanish training for foreigners, graduated in Tourism and official Tourist Guide of Andalusia.

Studying at one of the Spanish schools in Barcelona will guarantee an immersion experience in a unique city, as it is a melting pot of different cultures, languages and nationalities.

Of course, what makes the city stand out is its reputation as being the artistic hub of the city, where famous artists like Dalí and Gaudi shot to fame. It’s also a favourite destination amongst lovers of fashion, design, and style.

So, if you want to learn Spanish and you’re looking for somewhere with a free and creative spirit, then a Spanish course in Barcelona is the one for you.

If you have any doubts about our courses or destinations start a chat and I will help you with what you need.

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Barcelona, located close to the sea and the mountains, has found a difficult balance: deeply rooted in its traditions at the same time as being accomplished in the avant-garde. Barcelona is well-known for being the most Cosmopolitan, stylish and modern city in Spain, having been renovated for the Olympic Games in 1992.

Learning Spanish in Barcelona is experiencing a true mix of modernity and antiquity.

Barcelona has become one of the most visited tourist destinations in Spain, always knowing how to please the great majority of its visitors. It has one of the most ancient histories in Europe, it is a city that never sleeps and is full of charm, and we shouldn´t forget the beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava that are close by.

Choosing Spanish classes in Barcelona will unlock the variety of artistic treasures that the city has to offer; the great names of modern arts and architecture such as Dali, Guadi, Miró and Picasso. These all contribute to making Barcelona one of the most unique cities in Europe due to its diversity in style and wide range of artistic influences.

The city has an endless list of interesting things to do, and you’ll be able to complement your Spanish course in Barcelona with visits to the gothic neighbourhood, appreciating its architecture, visits to the numerous museums and art galleries, and enjoying the city’s beaches and nightlife.

You will have a unique immersion experience in Barcelona, one of the most exciting cities in the world. It will make you never want to leave!


in Barcelona

Image of the city event Festival de La Merced
Barcelona Lady of Mercy Festival

It is one of the greatest street parties dedicated in honour of the holy patron of Barcelona. The event program includes more than 500 activities that suit all tastes: from processions and concerts to folkloric dances, theatre performances and street dancing, you will be able to take your Spanish classes in Barcelona to the next level!

Image of the city event Día de San Jordi
Saint Jordi´s day
23rd of April

A very special event dedicated to literature and love, perfect for bookworms who are taking Spanish classes in Barcelona. Books and roses are the most important protagonists throughout the event.

Image of the city event Fiesta de San Medín
Sant Medin Candy festival Barcelona
3rd March

It is one of the 'sweetest' festivals of the city. The Squares of the Gràcia district tranform into full-blown parties, filled with candy, music bands and horse carriages. A sweeter way to learn Spanish in Barcelona!

Image of the city event Primavera Sound
Primavera Sound
The last weekend of May

This diverse music festival has been held every summer in Barcelona since 2001, taking place in Parc del Forum and in the neighbourhood of Raval. Each year it has a jam-packed line-up with a variety of artists, including Arctic Monkeys, A$AP Rocky, Björk, HAIM and Tyler, the Creator. You are sure to find something you like here, so this is definitely something you don’t want to miss during your Spanish course in Barcelona!

Image of the city event Formula 1 Barcelona
Formula 1 Barcelona

If you’re a petrol-head or adrenaline junkie, you won’t want to miss this. Every year the most skilled racecar drivers in the world come to the Montmeló track in Barcelona, where they take on some of the tightest corners in a total of 16 turns. It is sure to give you an adrenaline rush while you learn Spanish in Barcelona.

Dencanto Community :)
I would like to congratulate everyone that was able to make this trip happen. Although the adventure has finished, I know that it was one fo the best trips of my life. Thank you once again!
The people that attended me before I left did so with punctuality and with detail and attended my every question.
The entire trip has been great, interesting, and useful for the mind and heart.
My kids really enjoyed the course in Barcelona. They´ve made new friends and they would have liked to stay longer...Thanks to all the staff at Dencanto Community, we felt safe, helped with everything and we knew we could always count on them.