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The best Spanish courses in Cádiz

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  • Cádiz

    Private Spanish lessons for two 5 K2 Internacional

    K2 Internacional
    5 semi-private lessons one-to-two with a Spanish teacher per week
    From 195.00 €
  • Cádiz

    Intensive Spanish course 20 CLIC IH Cádiz

    CLIC IH Cádiz
    20 Spanish lessons per week. The course will provide you with the skills you need to communicate fluently in Spanish.
    From 205.00 €
  • Cádiz

    Intensive Spanish course 20 K2 Internacional

    K2 Internacional
    20 Spanish lessons per week. The course is combined with extracurricular activities organized by the school.
    From 220.00 €
  • Cádiz

    Intensive Spanish course 25 K2 Internacional

    K2 Internacional
    20 Spanish lessons+5 classes dedicated to the oral expression and communication per week.
    From 240.00 €
  • Cádiz

    Intensive Spanish course 25 CLIC IH Cádiz

    CLIC IH Cádiz
    20 intensive Spanish lessons+5 conversation Spanish lessons per week.
    From 255.00 €
  • Cádiz

    Spanish course for tourism K2 Internacional

    K2 Internacional
    This course combines the intensive Spanish course of 20 lessons with 10 extra Spanish for tourism lessons per week.
    From 330.00 €
  • Cádiz

    Super-intensive Spanish course 30 K2 Internacional

    K2 Internacional
    20 Spanish lessons+10 lessons focused on specific topics like grammar, conversation, culture, etc. per week
    From 365.00 €
  • Cádiz

    Spanish language and culture course 50+CLIC IH Cádiz

    CLIC IH Cádiz
    Spanish language and culture course of 20 lessons per week+a special immersion sociocultural program
    From 390.00 €
  • Cádiz

    Intensive Spanish course 20 + 5 private CLIC IH Cádiz

    CLIC IH Cádiz
    student. 20 Intensive Spanish course + 5 private lessons per week, fully adapted to your specific needs.
    From 415.00 €
  • Cádiz

    Business Spanish course K2 Internacional

    K2 Internacional
    Intensive Spanish course of 20 classes+10 extra business Spanish lessons per week.
    From 535.00 €
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Hi! I'm Monika Przysiecka,
Specialist in Spanish training for foreigners, graduated in Tourism and official Tourist Guide of Andalusia.

The beaches of Cadiz are perfect for surfing. It's our favorite way of traveling, learning Spanish and enjoying the local lifestyle that your destination offers.

If you have any doubts about our courses or destinations open a chat and I will help you with what you need.

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Cadiz is a true hidden gem of the coast of Andalusia. Cadiz is a city situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, giving it its pleasant climate with an average temperature of 18ºC throughout the year.

If you choose a Spanish course in Cadiz, you will be able to enjoy its beautiful beaches. It has a vast 260 km of coastline where you can find some classic white beaches as well as urban ones with all the facilities you could need, as well as small coves or popular beaches perfect for surfing or any other water sport.

Studying Spanish in Cadiz is getting to know the city’s great history and culture. Walking around the historic center of Cadiz, you can imagine the ancient times, the great sea battles, the voyages to the New World, the pirates' sieges... Discover the Genovés park with its magical grotto and beautiful waterfall, see authentic flamenco in the famous ‘La perla’ flamenco club and appreciate the magnificent paintings of El Greco, Murillo, Zurbarán and Goya, that you can find in different churches and museums of the province.

The province of Cadiz, exceptional and unique, offers all the attractions that you could want if you learn Spanish in Cadiz.

Choose one of our different Spanish courses in Cadiz and make the most out of your time experiencing a true immersion.


in Cádiz

Image of the city event El Carnaval
The Carnival

The Carnival. Cadiz transforms into one massive party, where there's music in every corner, and people dress up in their carnival costumes and hit the streets. It is a perfect opportunity to get to know the city during a Spanish course in Cadiz, and enjoy the sense of humour and the fun spirit of its people.

Image of the city event Mes Constitucional
The Constitution Month

Throughout the month of March, the city celebrates with all kinds of events the anniversary of the first Constitution of Spain. Everyone dresses up in period clothing and takes part in activities such as the half marathon, games and competitions. The activities culminate on the 19th with a huge parade and flower offering at the constitutional monument in the city. Book a Spanish course in Cadiz in March to experience this month that combines history and fun!

Image of the city event Semana Santa
Easter Holiday

The old town of Cadiz transforms into a stage for the representation of the Passion of Christ. Hundreds of people, confraternities and congregations gather for this religious occasion, carrying crosses and following the Nazarene or Mother of Sorrows through the streets. The procession is accompanied by silent prayers, religious flamenco songs called ‘saetas’, drums and trumpets. It offers a unique environment that blends religion and festivity, allowing a deeper look into the history and traditions of Spain while you learn Spanish in Cadiz.

Image of the city event Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi

It is one of the most important celebrations in Cadiz. The city is adorned and a beautiful procession departs from the main cathedral.


Image of the city event Jueves Flamencos
Flamenco Thursdays

They are held every summer in the Candelaria Bastion. It's a perfect opportunity to enjoy the different styles of flamenco in Cadiz, the birthplace of this art.

Image of the city event Concurso Nacional de Baile por Alegrías
National Alegrías Dance Contest

Its aim is to promote the most traditional dance of Cadiz, the alegrías, so it can continue being present on the flamenco stages.

Image of the city event Festival de Música Española
Spanish Music Festival

It is one of the main festivals where you can appreciate the musical heritage of Spain. 

Dencanto Community :)
I would like to congratulate everyone that was able to make this trip happen. Although the adventure has finished, I know that it was one fo the best trips of my life. Thank you once again!
The people that attended me before I left did so with punctuality and with detail and attended my every question.
The entire trip has been great, interesting, and useful for the mind and heart.
My kids really enjoyed the course in Barcelona. They´ve made new friends and they would have liked to stay longer...Thanks to all the staff at Dencanto Community, we felt safe, helped with everything and we knew we could always count on them.