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The best Spanish courses in Spain Showing only the courses: DELE and other Official Exams preparation

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  • Madrid

    CCSE preparation course (Nationality exam) Tandem Madrid

    Tandem Madrid
    1 lesson (3 hours) per week, evening schedule on Fridays or morning schedule on Saturdays. 4 weeks of preparation for the exam
    From 150.00 €
  • Madrid

    DELE preparation course (evening) Tandem Madrid

    Tandem Madrid
    4 lessons per week of DELE preparation in group. Course duration: from 8 to 24 weeks.
    From 255.00 €
  • Cádiz

    DELE preparation course Gadir

    Intensive Spanish course of 20 lessons+5 specific DELE lessons per week for the preparation of the exam.
    From 260.00 €
  • Alicante

    DELE Preparation course 25 + 5 Proyecto Español Alicante

    Proyecto Español Alicante
    30 Spanish lessons in group per week
    From 275.00 €
  • Alicante

    Abitur exam preparation Proyecto Español Alicante

    Proyecto Español Alicante
    25 lessons in group per week + 5 private lessons
    From 295.00 €
  • Madrid

    Curso preparación de examen DELE 10 AIL Madrid

    AIL Madrid
    DELE preparation course (10 per week)
    From 300.00 €
  • Málaga

    DELE preparation course Cervantes Escuela Internacional

    Cervantes Escuela Internacional
    This course offer a quick and efficient preparation for DELE exams
    From 435.00 €
  • Marbella

    SIELE preparation course Enforex Marbella

    Enforex Marbella
    20 SIELE Exam preparation lessons per week
    From 540.00 €
  • Barcelona

    DELE preparation course 20 Enforex Barcelona

    Enforex Barcelona
    DELE preparation course 20 lessons a week
    From 560.00 €
  • Marbella

    DELE preparation course 30 Enforex Marbella

    Enforex Marbella
    30 lessons per week: 20 general Spanish lessons in group + 5 private DELE preparation lessons.
    From 560.00 €
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