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  • Granada

    Intensive Spanish course 25 Proyecto Español Granada

    Proyecto Español Granada
    25 Spanish lessons in group per week
    From 205.00 €
  • Tenerife

    Curso de español intensivo 20 Desilena Tenerife

    20 clases de español general a la semana. Grupos de 8 alumnos como máximo.
    From 212.00 €
  • Cádiz

    Intensive Spanish course 20 K2 Internacional

    K2 Internacional
    20 Spanish lessons per week. The course is combined with extracurricular activities organized by the school.
    From 220.00 €
  • Santiago de Compostela

    Intensive Spanish course 20 Academia Iria Flavia

    Academia Iria Flavia
    20 lessons in group per week. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes
    From 220.00 €
  • San Sebastián

    Intensive Spanish course 20 Lacunza

    20 Spanish lessons per week. With an affective and flexible methodology to learn Spanish
    From 235.00 €
  • Alicante

    Super-intensive Spanish course Bildungsurlaub 25+5 Proyecto Español Alicante

    Proyecto Español Alicante
    30 Spanish lessons in group per week
    From 235.00 €
  • Cádiz

    Intensive Spanish course 25 K2 Internacional

    K2 Internacional
    20 Spanish lessons+5 classes dedicated to the oral expression and communication per week.
    From 240.00 €
  • Madrid

    Intensive Spanish course 20 AIL Madrid

    AIL Madrid
    4 daily group Spanish classes (20 a week)
    From 240.00 €
  • Valencia

    Intensive Spanish course 20 Españole IH Valencia

    Españolé IH Valencia
    20 spanish lessons in Valencia per week, 4 daily classes in the morning or in the afternoon.
    From 245.00 €
  • Marbella

    Private Spanish lessons 5 Enforex Marbella

    Enforex Marbella
    5 private Spanish lessons per week
    From 255.00 €
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The beaches of Cadiz are perfect for surfing. It's our favorite way of traveling, learning Spanish and enjoying the local lifestyle that your destination offers.

If you have any doubts about our courses or destinations open a chat and I will help you with what you need.

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