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  • Granada

    Intensive Spanish course+Spanish cusine Escuela Montalbán

    Escuela Montalbán
    20 Spanish lessons+4 Spanish cusine per week. You will learn to cook some of the more exquisite Andalusian dishes
    From 360.00 €
  • Granada

    Spanish intensive course + Salsa Escuela Montalbán

    Escuela Montalbán
    20 Spanish lessons+2 dancing lessons per week. It´s a supplementary activity to a Spanish course
    From 370.00 €
  • Granada

    Intensive Spanish course+Mountain Bike Escuela Montalbán

    Escuela Montalbán
    20 Spanish sessions+2 evening mountain bike tours per week
    From 405.00 €
  • Granada

    Spanish intensive course+Sierra Nevada horse riding Escuela Montalbán

    Escuela Montalbán
    20 Spanish lessons+2 evenings per week of horse riding with a guide and in small groups
    From 405.00 €
  • Granada

    Spanish intensive course+hiking Escuela Montalbán

    Escuela Montalbán
    20 Spanish lessons+2 hiking lessons per week. Guided hiking trips in the mountains
    From 405.00 €
  • Granada

    Super-Intensive Spanish course 30 Enforex Granada

    Enforex Granada
    20 Spanish lessons+5 conversation lessons+semi-private lessons per week
    From 405.00 €
  • Granada

    Intensive Spanish course+Climbing Escuela Montalbán

    Escuela Montalbán
    20 Spanish lessons+2 climbing lessons per week. Combination of a Spaish course with sport climbing
    From 415.00 €
  • Granada

    Intensive Spanish course+Photography Escuela Montalbán

    Escuela Montalbán
    20 Spanish lessons+2 evenings per week of photography guided by a professional photographer
    From 415.00 €
  • Granada

    Spanish Teacher training Escuela Montalbán

    Escuela Montalbán
    A training and methodology course for non-native Spanish teachers, 30 lessons per week
    From 430.00 €
  • Granada

    Spanish Super-Intensive course 20+10 private lessons Escuela Montalbán

    Escuela Montalbán
    20 Spanish lessons+10 private lessons per week
    From 480.00 €
Educator profile picture Monika Przysiecka


Hi! I'm Monika Przysiecka,
Specialist in Spanish training for foreigners, graduated in Tourism and official Tourist Guide of Andalusia.

Some interesting facts about the city:

A worth visiting city for your stay.

A city impregnated with student atmosphere.

You can get to anyway only by taking a walk.

The tapas are for free with the drinks.

If you have any doubts about our courses or destinations start a chat and I will help you with what you need.

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  • Standard of living
  • College life
  • Safety
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  • Nature

Situated in the south of Spain, less than one hour away from tropical beaches and the Ski resort on Sierra Nevada, Granada offers plenty of things to do. 

It´s a Modern city with one of the most important Universities in Spain, where thousands of students come from all over the world to study. Along with its student scene, the city offers a lively and interesting artistic and cultural scene, with loads to see and do.  

The magic and enchantment of the past is carefully conserved in Granada, often praised and marvelled by visitors and artists who have come here. From its magnificent past there´s the Alhambra, the garden of Generalife and the streets of Albaicín, which are declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites.There are several other monuments to see as well. 


in Granada

Image of the city event La Tarasca
The Tarasca

A Procession that represents St. Martha on the dragon. Giants and big-heads follow behind her through the city together with a marching band. It is said that the design of their clothes will decide the trends of the summer. 

Image of the city event Festival Internacional de Tango
International Festival of Tango

A pioneering festival and one of the most important in Europe. For a whole week many shows and live music are held throughout the city, as well as dance lessons, photography exhibitions and exhibitions where you can join in on the tango!

Image of the city event Semana Santa
Holy Week
March/ april

Throughout the week, different processions pass through the streets, and a religious sensation can be felt around the city. Highlights include the Gypsy Christ and the Silence at dawn.  

Image of the city event Las Cruces de Mayo
The Crosses of May

The city is decorated with red and white carnations, and crosses adorned with flowers and foliage are put up in the squares, courtyards and neighbourhoods throughout the city. The people sing and dress up in traditional flamenco and Sevillian outfits.

Image of the city event Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi
May/ June

It the biggest local festivity of the city, it´s all about the Fairs! There´re flamenco performances at the fairground and the bullring as well as different processions and entertainment, etc.

Image of the city event Festival de Música y Danza
Music and Dance Festival
Beginning of summer

Hundreds of spectators enjoy music and dancing in the beautiful sights and smells of the gardens of the Alhambra. Thousands of artists, orchestras, companies and visitors regularly attend this truly sensory event.

Dencanto Community :)
I would like to congratulate everyone that was able to make this trip happen. Although the adventure has finished, I know that it was one fo the best trips of my life. Thank you once again!
The people that attended me before I left did so with punctuality and with detail and attended my every question.
The entire trip has been great, interesting, and useful for the mind and heart.
My kids really enjoyed the course in Barcelona. They´ve made new friends and they would have liked to stay longer...Thanks to all the staff at Dencanto Community, we felt safe, helped with everything and we knew we could always count on them.