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The best Spanish courses in Málaga

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Hi! I'm Monika Przysiecka,
Specialist in Spanish training for foreigners, graduated in Tourism and official Tourist Guide of Andalusia.

Málaga is a really good option to learn Spanish in Spain as it offers the best of Spanish culture. Situated in Andalucía, you can find many of the typically ‘Spanish’ things here such as flamenco, tapas, and of course the warm Spanish sun.

Its warm climate makes it really flexible when choosing dates for your Spanish course in Malaga, as the weather is pleasant all year round. It is, however, a popular choice for the summer time as you can relax by the beach after classes.

Aside from the good weather, Malaga is a good choice if you want to learn more about the history and culture of Spain as it is home to many museums and art galleries, as well as its Alcazaba and Gibralfaro, which are evidence of Malaga’s diverse cultural history. 

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By choosing to learn Spanish in Malaga, you will get to experience a culturally diverse, 1000-year-old city surrounded by the sapphire Mediterranean Sea. Situated in the far south of Europe, Malaga is deeply marked by the cultures that have passed through it such as the Phoenician, Arab and Roman civilisations.

Millions of people have chosen Malaga as the destination to spend their holidays, and many other thousands as their dream residence. It is a true mixture of nationalities such as British, German and French visitors and ex-pats, giving the city a welcoming and dynamic atmosphere. This international popularity makes Spanish lessons in Malaga the perfect way to spend a summer.

Not only home to Spanish language courses, Malaga is a cultural city where you can find the Picasso Museum, the Centre of Contemporary Art, the Cathedral of Málaga, the Citadel and the Roman Amphitheatre, The Castle of Gibralfaro or the birth house of Pablo Ruiz Picasso. You will be able to expand your cultural knowledge outside of your Spanish lessons in Malaga.

Visitors should take the time to walk around the centre to get a feel of the charm of the old Mediterranean port before stopping off at the beach.

The shopping area of the city is Larios street, which starts from a labyrinth of narrow streets where you can find shops, modern bars and charming squares.

Choosing a Spanish immersion in Malaga is choosing the capital of the Costa del Sol, cosmopolitan nevertheless, always keeps its unique characteristics and hospitality. You will always feel welcome.


in Málaga

Image of the city event Semana Santa
Easter Holiday

Málaga celebrates Easter with impressive parades that fill the streets and create a unique atmosphere, that you will only experience with a Spanish course in Malaga. Though it´s a religious event, the locals celebrate it whole-heartedly, and tourists from all over the world can attend as a way to experience another way of celebrating this religious holiday.

Image of the city event Feria taurina
Bullfighting Festival

Bullfighting is a big part of the region’s culture and this festival serves as a way of enhancing a Spanish immersion in Malaga, if you go for these dates. The Bullfighting Festival takes place in Málaga in August in the famous bullfighting arena located in La Malagueta. Many famous bullfighters will gather in Málaga during the event and different bullfights will be held that everyone can attend

Image of the city event La Feria de Málaga
Málaga summer Festival

In August, Málaga celebrates its Great Summer Festival, which celebrates all aspects of Andalusian culture, and choosing a Spanish course in Malaga for August is a great way of experiencing it firsthand. During the day, the streets down town are crowded with people, noise, folkloric music and food. At night time, the festival moves to a designated fairground equipped with food stands, lights and attractions for all ages.

Image of the city event Festival de Cine Español
Spanish Film Festival

When the Film Festival takes place in Málaga, the streets are filled with red carpets, events and workshops related to film. You may even see some of your favourite celebrities during Spring Spanish classes in Malaga, as the most famous Spanish actors and film directors come to the city to attend this spectacular event and to contend for the Golden Biznaga Award.

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I would like to congratulate everyone that was able to make this trip happen. Although the adventure has finished, I know that it was one fo the best trips of my life. Thank you once again!
The people that attended me before I left did so with punctuality and with detail and attended my every question.
The entire trip has been great, interesting, and useful for the mind and heart.
My kids really enjoyed the course in Barcelona. They´ve made new friends and they would have liked to stay longer...Thanks to all the staff at Dencanto Community, we felt safe, helped with everything and we knew we could always count on them.