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The best Spanish courses in Seville

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  • Seville

    Intensive Spanish course 20 Giralda Center

    Giralda Center
    20 Spanish lessons per week, Monday to Friday
    From 165.00 €
  • Seville

    Intensive Spanish course 20 CLIC IH Sevilla

    CLIC IH Sevilla
    20 Spanish lesons in group per week. Each lessons lasts 50 minutes
    From 205.00 €
  • Seville

    Intensive Spanish course 25 CLIC IH Sevilla

    CLIC IH Sevilla
    25 Spanish lessons in group per week+5 conversation lessons. Each lesson lasts 50 minutes
    From 255.00 €
  • Seville

    Intensive Spanish course 20+4 private lessons Giralda Center

    Giralda Center
    20 Spanish lessons per week, Monday to Friday+4 private lessons per week
    From 264.00 €
  • Seville

    Intensive Spanish course 2+8 Giralda Center

    Giralda Center
    20 Spanish lessons per week, Monday to Friday + 8 communication lessons per week.
    From 300.00 €
  • Seville

    Super Intensive Spanish course 30 CLIC IH Sevilla

    CLIC IH Sevilla
    30 Spanish lesons in group per week. Each lessons lasts 50 minutes.
    From 300.00 €
  • Seville

    Private lessons 10 Giralda Center

    Giralda Center
    10 lessons totally adapted to the student
    From 310.00 €
  • Seville

    Spanish for professionals Giralda Center

    Giralda Center
    20 Spanish lessons per week, Monday to Friday+5 private lessons per week focused on your professional field
    From 326.00 €
  • Seville

    Intensive Spanish course 20+8 private lessons Giralda Center

    Giralda Center
    20 Spanish lessons per week, Monday to Friday+8 private lessons per week
    From 380.00 €
  • Seville

    Intensive DELE preparation course Giralda Center

    Giralda Center
    Intensive DELE preparation course 2 weeks before the exam
    From 465.00 €
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Seville can be considered, without a doubt, as the artistic, cultural, financial, economic and social centre in the south of Spain, which is home many internationally recognised Spanish icons originally from this city.

Throughout history, many different cultures have left their mark on the history of Seville. This historical heritage can be appreciated in the streets and museums. Also, it´s a safe city where you can take a walk around at any time.

The city is full of monuments and places of great beauty like the Cathedral, The Giralda, The Alcázares, The Triana quarter, María Luisa Park, Plaza de España (that George Lucas used in one of the Star Wars films) and it is famous for its festivals such as the Easter festival, Seville Fair, Corpus Christi and Velá de Santa Ana, which may ring a bell…

By experiencing Seville you will also get to know the typical Spanish traditions at the same time: sun, tapas, flamenco, religious processions full of colour, bullfights and a passion for living.


in Seville

Image of the city event Semana Santa
Del 14 al 21 de abril de 2019

One of the city´s biggest spring festivities, together with the Seville Fair. It was declared of International Tourist Interest for its impressive processions and special atmosphere.

Image of the city event Feria de Abril
Seville Fair
From 4 to 11 may 2019

The Seville fair is in one of the most famous and beautiful festivities in Spain. For a few days, the city and its inhabitants get dressed to the nines and there´s an incredible atmosphere. You can enjoy flamenco, the bullfights, the typical local cuisine and much more.

Image of the city event San Fernando
San Fernando
30 May

The feast of San Fernando, the Patron of Seville has a religious, civil and military nature. It´s held inside the Cathedral, where the urn of the uncorrupted body of San Fernando is open for public access.

Image of the city event Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi
3 June 2019

A religious celebration and one of the most important in the city. The streets, houses and shop windows are decorated with several shrines, shawls and branches of rosemary and many marvellous processions take place. 

Image of the city event Velá de Santa Ana
Velá de Santa Ana
From 21 to 26 July

The feast devoted to the Patron of the Triana neighbourhood, during which everyone gets dressed up, and the famous bridge lights up. Many events and activities are arranged. By getting involved in this sacred feast you will quickly get to know the local culture.

Image of the city event Bienal de Flamenco
Flamenco Biennial
From 13 Septembre to 7 October 2018

A big event in the Flamenco world. Every two years, Seville becomes a great Flamenco stage, viewed by Flamenco amateurs and professionals alike, from all over the world.

Schools in Seville

School location CLIC IH Sevilla

CLIC IH is a big school located right in the centre of Seville, perfect for learning Spanish in a...

10 /10

School location Giralda Center

Giralda Center was founded in 1983 and has been receiving students from all over the world for mo...

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Dencanto Community :)
I would like to congratulate everyone that was able to make this trip happen. Although the adventure has finished, I know that it was one fo the best trips of my life. Thank you once again!
The people that attended me before I left did so with punctuality and with detail and attended my every question.
The entire trip has been great, interesting, and useful for the mind and heart.
My kids really enjoyed the course in Barcelona. They´ve made new friends and they would have liked to stay longer...Thanks to all the staff at Dencanto Community, we felt safe, helped with everything and we knew we could always count on them.