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Summer camps and Summer programs for teenagers in Spain

Summer Camps

It is our top star program that reflects the essence and philosophy of summer camps: living together, studying, playing and practicing Spanish 24 hours a day in a multicultural and international environment.

Except for the language lessons in the mornings, foreign and Spanish students will be participating together in all cultural and sports activities.

They will also be sharing the rooms, grouped according to their sex and age. This creates a total immersion where the students will gain experiences that will unite them forever with their new friends from all over the world.

Courses for Teenagers

These programs are created to offer the enjoyment of a true summertime immersion. Spanish classes take place in a language school (certified by the Instituto Cervantes) while various activities and excursions are organized in different places of the city.

Students stay in Spanish host families or residences where, in contrast with Summer Camps, they can enjoy more freedom by exploring the city and its culture.

The programmes also offer different immersion workshops designed specifically to prepare students who have broader future potentials. They cover such topics as communication and leadership skills, emotional intelligence and public speaking, among others.

The excursions organised for the weekends are aimed to offer a true immersion in Spanish culture by visiting historical and World Heritage monuments, as well as the most authentic places of the city, such as markets, original public spaces etc.

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Spanish classes

Teaching Method

The teaching system is communicative, which includes various didactic methods to develop all of language skills: grammar, conversation, vocabulary, pronunciation, written and oral comprehension.


Language teachers are carefully selected. They are Spanish native speakers and have experience in teaching children and youngsters, as well as they have good command of using the resources to motivate students in a summer environment.


All lessons take place in the mornings from Monday to Friday. Maximum group size 14 students.

20-25 lessons per week (4 or 5 lessons a day)



One of the main characteristics of the summer camps are its extensive facilities that allow students to live in the same place where classes and activities take place. Depending on the destination, the residences have single, double or shared rooms for 8-12 students.

Host family

This option is available for both summer courses for teenagers and some summer camps. Students from 14 years old can choose to stay with a Spanish family in double or single rooms. They take part in language classes and all the activities, and afterwards, they return to the host family's home for dinner.

Without accomodation

It is the best option if you want to go on a family vacation but also want your child to learn Spanish and have fun. Choose the Day Camp option, where they can participate in classes and all the activities, and in the evening, they will return home and spend time with you and stay the night.


Recreational and cultural activities

The programs include several recreational activities such as competitions and gymkhanas, traditional camping games, evening performances, thematic days, etc. There are also cultural workshops like arts and crafts, music, dances, etc.


Each week, there’s at least one full-day excursion and one half-day excursion organized to visit some nearby sites of interest. On these trips students will get to know the most interesting things of each region, its culture and special attractions.


Each program includes a wide variety of sports activities such as different games, matches and competitions, swimming pool, etc. Moreover, you can pick some additional classes of a particular sport such as football, tennis, horse riding, surfing, sailing and many more, depending on the location.

Select the location that suits you best

Alicante, Cádiz, Tenerife, Santiago de Compostela, Salamanca, Benalmadena, Mallorca, Sevilla, Granada o San Sebastián they are our destinations. Here we show you the most outstanding:

Example prices for Spanish courses

Summer Program for Teenagers
Summer Program for Teenagers
Summer Camp
Summer Camp
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