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Terms and conditions


These Terms and Conditions apply to all Spanish programs and courses offered by Dencanto Community on the webpage spanishcourseinspain.com, dencantocommunity.com and in its catalogs. Both these web platforms and its catalogs contain information on the types of programs, courses, destinations, duration, accommodation characteristics, calendar, means of transport, cultural activities, the minimum number of enrollments required for the completion of a given course or program, prices and necessary and adequate information about its general and particular characteristics.

The information contained in the catalogs is binding for both parties, unless there is any of the following circumstances:

- The changes in said information have been communicated to the consumer before the date of conclusion of the contract or the realization of the course.

- That modifications take place after, with prior agreement of the contracting parties.


Dencanto Community is a commercial trademark owned by DC International Education S.L. Tax Identification Code (CIF): B-19641398, address: C / Ismail 39-41, PC: 18013 GRANADA – SPAIN. Phone: (+34) 673 939 866 and FAX: 958 16 35 69.


The application can be made through the web pages: spanishcourseinspain.com, dencantocommunity.com, or filling in the enrollment form and sending it either by email, fax or delivering it to our agents. Once the enrollment has been received and the pre-reservation deposit or the entire program or course has been paid, we will confirm the registration in the following seven (7) working days. We will inform as soon as possible if the chosen course or program does not have available places. No enrollment form to a program or course will be processed if it is not accompanied by proof of having made the payment of the pre-reservation or the entire course. The pre-reservation deposit will be discounted from the final payment of the course or program. The pre-reservation deposit will be 200 euros per student for groups and 50% of the program or course booked for individual students.

In the case of paying only the pre-reservation deposit, the rest of the payment must be made at least 30 days before the beginning of the course or program. The reservation will be canceled without the right to claim or refund any amount in case if the rest of the program or course has not been paid on the dates indicated above and has not been canceled by email or telephone and Dencanto Community has confirmed the reception of the cancellation.

In case of late registration, two (2) weeks or less before the date of travel, the last minute booking cost of €30 will be charged.

The places are limited so it’s recommended to enroll 60 days in advance minimum. The inscriptions are personal and non-transferable. The discounts or promotions will never be cumulative with each other or with other discounts and promotions.

Between 7 and 15 days before your trip, you will receive all the necessary information about your course, accommodation and school address, family information, meeting points, Dencanto Community staff phone number and other details.

A lesson is 40 to 55 minutes depending on the chosen center.

On national or local holidays, there may be no classes. These missed classes are not recoverable and are not discounted from the full price.


Program prices may vary both upwards and downwards, in the case of unpredictable changes such as currency fluctuations, transportation rates increase, introduction of fees or taxes applicable on the date of publication of the Program. If the increase exceeds 15% of the confirmed price, you have the right to cancel your contract, free of charge, via certified mail or email (confirming the receipt of the email by telephone), within ten days after our communication of such variation. Dencanto Community will reimburse the program in its entirety, withholding the financial expenses and/or currency exchange expenses incurred in the refund process.

Outside the Euro zone, the prices are calculated, based on the exchange rate reflected in our rates. All prices include VAT.


Before your departure

We kindly ask you to define the type of course and accommodation you want, since once your reservation is processed and confirmed, if you make changes in the enrollment, within the same school (start date, type of accommodation, etc.), you will be charged €50 by organization if you communicate it 31 days before the start of the course.

If you do it in later, the organization may charge you an amount higher than the amount mentioned above for the accommodation cancellation.

A change of school is considered a cancelation, as specified in point 5.

After your departure

Once you have reached your destination, any change that occurs will no longer be related to the reservation. Get in direct contact with the staff of the school in charge, if you wish to finish your course prematurely, modify the type of accommodation or request any other kind of change. If the request is related to a complaint, refer to the point 6.


Any cancellation  must be communicated in written form to DENCANTO COMMUNITY, either by email to info@dencantocommunity.com or regular mail to the address indicated in General Data. If you do it by email, you must also make sure that it had reached us by calling us by phone. This is important, to notify with the possible advance, since as the time goes by more expenses are made, from payment to program providers, phone calls, families, etc. Depending on when the student informs, the following retentions will be made, this is for information purposes since it will depend on the particular conditions of the moment and therefore Dencanto Community will retain the amounts that have been incurred at the time of making the reservations:

• Cancellation more than 30 days before the beginning of the program: 10% of the value of the package contracted.

• Cancellation between 15 and 29 days before the beginning of the program: 25% of the value of the package contracted.

• Cancellation between 5 and 14 days before the beginning of the program: 50% of the value of the package contracted.

• Cancellation between 1 and 4 days before the beginning of the program: 90% of the value of the package contracted.

• 100% of the value of the package contracted if the student is not present at the departure or at the start of the program, leave it voluntarily, by their  parents’ or legal representatives’ wish, or in case of being expulsed from the program.

Independently of the moment in which the cancellation occurs, the student must assume, always and in any case, the cost of the plane ticket when it has been issued and reimbursement is not possible, regardless of any actions the consumer would need to perform with the airline (in case if the plane ticket was purchased with Dencanto Community).

In the hypothetical case that Dencanto Community and partner organizations were forced to cancel your course, for reasons attributable to them, the participant will be entitled to a full refund of the amounts paid so far.

These cancellation conditions whenever possible will be applied with flexibility and depending on the managing entity of the accommodations of each destination city.

There’s a cancellation insurance is available for the client, if desired, to prevent these contingencies that will be administrated in any case by the general condition established by the company with which said policy is contracted.

Lastly, the financial and/or currency exchange expenses will be added to the retentions described in this section when refunding the rest of the program.


Dencanto Community is committed to providing consumers with all the contracted services contained in the program, with the stipulated conditions and characteristics. However, the following considerations should be considered:

a. In case if, before the start of the program, Dencanto Community is obliged to modify significantly some essential element of the contract, including the price, it must immediately inform the consumer. If the increase exceeds 15% of the confirmed price, you have the right to cancel your contract, free of charge, via email or certified mail, within ten days of our communication of such variation. In the case of sending email, you will have to confirm that Dencanto Community has received it.

b. In case if Dencanto Community is forced to cancel any of its programs for causes not attributable to the consumer, or in case that the consumer chooses to terminate the contract under the provisions of section a), Dencanto Community offer the consumer an alternative program of equal or higher quality, or return the consumer all the amounts paid for the program, as well as the compensation provided in the particular conditions, depending on the cancellation date.

c. There will be no obligation on the part of Dencanto Community to refund or indemnify the consumer when the cancellation of the program is due to reasons of force majeure.

d. Neither will there be any obligation on the part of Dencanto Community to indemnify consumers in the event that the cancellation of the program occurs due to not reaching the minimum number of people required for its effective realization, which has been communicated to the consumer. In these cases, Dencanto Community will notify the consumer in written form, at least fifteen days in advance (if the consumer has made the reservation sufficiently in advance) before the start date of the program, informing that  the minimum number of participants has not been reached and that, therefore, the program has been canceled. In this case of cancellation of the program because the minimum number of participants is not reached, the consumer will have the right for the reimbursement of all the amounts he had paid for the program.

e. The differences and/or claims that, in the opinion of consumers, occur during the development of the contracted program, should be brought to the attention of the Organization responsible for the program in the country of destination, in order to offer a satisfactory solution with immediate effect. In case that the solution proposed by the responsible Organization in the country of destination is not satisfactory to the consumer, the consumer will have a period of one month to submit a written claim to Dencanto Community. This, after collecting the relevant documentation, would have a period of one month to respond to the claim raised by the consumer. If the solution proposed by Dencanto Community is not satisfactory, the consumer may file the actions that he or she estimates appropriate.

For all the refunds described in sections a, b and d of this clause, the financial and/or currency exchange costs will be retained.


The payment must be made by bank transfer to the following bank account:

Bank account


Bank: Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.A.

Address: Office 2900, Plaza Isabel La Católica 1, 18009 Granada, Spain


IBAN: ES10 0182 2900 5902 0174 0249

It is essential to write down the name and surname of the student in the concept of the transfer. The expenses derived from the currency exchange or the transfer will be borne by the person who makes the transfer.


The student must adapt to the way of life of the contracted program, schedules and lifestyle that the program develops, these are different to the way of life and habitual customs of the students’ country. The student agrees to respect the rules of coexistence of the organization. In particular, the student is committed to respecting the rules related to schedules, obligation to attend classes, rules of conduct and coexistence with monitors, teachers, school or university staff, host families, classmates, prohibitions of tobacco, alcohol and drugs consumption in mentioned spaces. Student non-compliance with the rules in which the program is developed, may result in their expulsion from it. In this case, you must assume the expenses arising from your return, regardless of any other responsibility of your concern.


It is the responsibility of each student and/or corresponding tutors to ensure they have a valid ID and/or passport before departure, as well as any other documentation necessary in the country of destination (student visa, social security card, private medical insurance, etc.). The obtaining of visas, when the legislation of the country in which the Program is developed requires so, will be borne by the consumer. Dencanto Community gives you the information provided by the embassies and we will assist you in the procedures for obtaining visas. Especially for the visa, Dencanto Community will provide the student or group with the Acceptance Letter from the school or university, when the entire course is paid. If the visa is denied, the full amount of your program will be refunded, except for the money that was needed to send you the Letter of Acceptance, if applicable. You will have to present a proof that your visa has been denied, such as the consulate letter, passport stamp, etc., with a minimum of 14 days before the date your course was scheduled. Otherwise, the usual cancellation conditions will apply.

VERY IMPORTANT: You must leave the country before your visa is expired otherwise it would entail many legal and diplomatic problems for you.

You are responsible for respecting all rules related to your trip. All damages, in particular the payment of the cancellation charges caused by not complying with these rules, will be at your expense, unless these are the product of erroneous or defective information of Dencanto Community.


Neither Dencanto Community as a promoter agent, nor the school or University will be considered responsible for any type of accident, illness, loss or alteration of the personal state of the student that may occur during the course or program. For this reason, we recommend that you take out personal travel insurance.

Under-age students are mandatory required to have an insurance when making the reservation. The students or school group can subscribe the insurance with the insurance company they wish or ask Dencanto Community for the assistance of the insurance contract. Dencanto Community acts as a mere intermediary between the insurance company and the consumers that purchase one of our programs. In case of any claim, the consumer should contact the insurance company directly.

At the moment of making the reservation of your course or program you have the possibility of reserving the health and assistance insurance of each Institution (you can request the clauses of this insurance from the staff of Dencanto Community).


The participant or his/her legal representative must inform Dencanto Community if he/she needs any medical and/or pharmacological treatment during his/her stay in the country of destination and during the entire time of the program. Dencanto Community is exempt from any responsibility arising from the falseness or omission of such information. In case that during the development of the program the consumer needs medical treatment and/or to be hospitalized and/or undergo surgery without Dencanto Community having been able to locate their parents, tutors or legal representatives, Dencanto Community is authorized to take the measures that it deems most appropriate for the health of the consumer in coordination with the Medical Center that covers the guarantees of the Medical Insurance policy in the locality where the Service must be provided. Consumers will be responsible for all invoices generated by the attentions, treatments and medical-pharmaceutical expenses that are generated as a result of health care.


Depending on the number of students, the language level or the season, the partner schools and universities are obliged to replace the group course initially reserved for courses in mini-groups or private courses with fewer lessons. These modifications do not imply any change in the price. There are no classes on national and local holidays. If the lost hours are not compensated by our partner schools, no refund is contemplated.


Dencanto Community reserves the right to use photographic or audiovisual material and other materials that the students provide to Dencanto Community, as advertising material, prior authorization by the student and/or parent or legal guardian, according to the data protection law Regulation EU 2016/670 or GDPR. This authorization will be revocable at any time by the student and/or his parents or legal guardians.


In accordance with the current legislation, DENCANTO COMMUNITY has registered its files in the Spanish Data Protection Agency, and has adopted all the technical and organizational measures that have been necessary for the total adaptation in matters of Protection of Personal Data. In compliance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of this data, we inform you:

The personal data that you provide to DENCANTO COMMUNITY is included in an automated data processing file which purpose is the management of your relations with the different providers of this entity, being DENCANTO COMMUNITY the recipient of the information.

The duration of the said processing will be as long as the execution of the contract and during the period of 3 years after its completion.

The file containing the personal data complies with all the security measures required by law and is registered with the Data Protection Agency under the code 2132700427.

DENCANTO COMMUNITY stores the data that you provide us in dencantocommunity.com and spanishcourseinspain.com in European data centers that have the maximum security guarantees.

To prevent unauthorized access, maintain the accuracy of the data and ensure the correct use and transmission of your information Dencanto Community never stores your password in plain text. When we need to store your account password securely to authenticate you, we use PBKDF2 with a sha256 hash. (Password-based key derivation function) with unique value for each credential.

Our software encrypts your confidential data using industry-leading methods and recognized security standards (2.048-bit SSL certificates) so that all data transmitted between your computer and our servers, or individual services of our servers, is always encrypted.

DENCANTO COMMUNITY will only use and share your personal information with third parties when authorized by the Law, when it responds to the development and fulfillment of the contracted course or program and under the conditions of this privacy policy, or when the recipients are the Ombudsman, the Department of Public Prosecutions, Judges or Courts or the Court of Auditors. All this procedure is done under your authorization and we oblige our partners to contractually protect this information.

The consumer may exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the data processor, which is DC INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION S.L. with CIF: B-19641398, address: C/Ismail 39, 18013 GRANADA – SPAIN, email: info@dencantocommunity.com, providing the following documentation: name and surname of the user, the request for application, the address and the supporting evidence (ID or passport).

DENCANTO COMMUNITY reserves the right to modify its privacy policy or the conditions of use for reasons of adaptation to current legislation or other reasons.


These General Conditions are subject of application of R.D.L. 1/2007 of November 16, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users (Ley General para la Defensa de Consumidores y Usuarios), Law 7/1998, of April 13, on the General Conditions of Contracting (Condiciones Generales de la Contratación), and the Code Civil. These General Conditions will be incorporated, signed by the contracting parties, to all contracts, regarding the programs contained on the website and binding on the parties, together with the particular conditions agreed in the contract, and those that could be established for each program.


In the event that the consumer requests the trip, the technical organization of the trips to the destinations in which the different programs are held is administrated by an authorized travel agency (C.J.C.) or authorized services companies (transfer, guides, etc.). Dencanto Community only acts as intermediary between the consumer and the Travel Agency and those companies, in case of any anomaly (cancellations, route changes, delays, accidents, loss of luggage etc.) in the provision of the service by the Travel Agency or company the consumer exempt Dencanto Community from any responsibility, which will be limited to provide the data of the Agency or company in order for the consumer to exercise their rights against it.


Dencanto Community is committed to offer the best assistance in the request made by the student or group requesting financial aid or scholarship for their course or educational program. However, Dencanto Community has no obligation to assist the student in their procedures and will not be responsible for personal requests. Dencanto Community in any case can not guarantee that the financial aid or scholarship will be approved by the competent authority.


The actions derived from this contract will expire after two years.


Any conflict related to the programs will be resolved by the competent Jurisdictional Bodies according to the applicable legislation.


For all refunds made by Dencanto Community to customers due to the reasons described in these clauses, the financial expenses and/or currency exchange expenses incurred will be retained.


All collaborating schools and universities have their corresponding particular conditions both for courses, accommodations and/or cultural activities. This information can be found on our website with the information of the school or university, its educational programs, accommodation or cultural activities, respectively. This information will be completed with the corresponding general and particular conditions of the mentioned Institutions and will be binding for the student.