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Dencanto Community
Dencanto Community seeks to be the world´s most important company specialized in Spanish training in Spain. This project started in 2011, always searching for a new vision of languages learning and educational trips.
The team
Our team is formed by professionals from different countries, each one having experience in teaching and learning languages, studying and living abroad.
Máxima calidad
Maximum quality
We have visited more than 100 language centers and Universities that offer Spanish courses in Spain, analyzing their academic teams, facilities, teaching methods, etc. That is how we are able to offer our clients only the best options with an extra help of our own educators.
Alojamiento y Cultura
Accomodation and Culture
To complete your inmmersion, we offer a selection of accommodations, that are located close to the school and a cultural program that will allow you to understand the customs and the culture of the city you are staying in.
Pack your bags and enjoy your experience Dencanto!
creating your experience
Our misson
At Dencanto Community we look to offer our clients:
The highest quality teaching, every Spanish school needs to be accredited by the Cervantes Institute before being analyzed
The best professionals at your disposal, a team of people that not only have analyzed the existing education options, but have also been in the same situation as you once, as all of us have studied a foreign language abroad. Once we get to know you and your needs we will be able to offer you the program that best suits you.
The smartest way of travelling, getting to know the place you visit through it's language, customs and culture.
Not only we do not charge any extra fee for our work but also offer additional discounts of up to 30%.
Our values
We think that the right way to make our customers happy with our service is through:
We analyze and select each institution and university, prioritizing the interests of our clients and focusing on the objective quality criteria.
Destinations and educational programs tailored to your needs.
You will always know the conditions of the program in which you register, cancellations policy, payments, etc.
Secure bank transfers and payments with an accredited system.
Allow us to adapt to your possibilities.
Easy booking
Thousands of possibilities to find the course of your interest, in your favorite location and at a Price that meets your budget.
Make your search
With a simple search you will find the course of your interest. Filter this information to refine your priorities.
Select your accommodation
Proximity to the school, comfort and facilities are fundamental factors. Select your accommodation to make your experience a success.
Enjoy your stay
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