Enfocamp Barcelona Playa

The lodging of the participants of the summercamp Barcelona Beach is a residence hall with all the comodities, located at the Coast in Castelldefels. The accommodation is next to the classrooms, 10 minutes away from the beach and close to Olympic Canal making it a perfect spot for water sports lovers. 

In the residence hall you may find individual and double rooms equipped with AC and private bathroom.

The programme of our Barcelona camp is created in a way that permits the students to participate in as many activities as they wish combining them with games and sports.

Moreover, all pupils can take part in the variety of workshops and additional leisure activities adapted to different age groups.

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Spanish courses in Enfocamp Barcelona Playa

  • tarjeta_alumno From 5 y/o
    Intensive Spanish course 20 Enfocamp Barcelona Playa

    Intensive Spanish course 20 Enfocamp Barcelona Playa

    icono calendario 1 - 8 semanas
    From285.00 €

    Course + accommodation from 285.00 €

  • tarjeta_alumno From 5-18 y/o
    icon star Score 9/10
    Day camp Enfocamp Barcelona Playa

    Day camp Enfocamp Barcelona Playa

    From564.00 €

    Course + accommodation from 564.00 €

  • tarjeta_alumno From 5 y/o
    Residential Summer Camp Enfocamp Barcelona Playa

    Residential Summer Camp Enfocamp Barcelona Playa

    From1280.00 €

    Course + accommodation from 1280.00 €

  • Accommodation

    Accommodation available

    En esta escuela no existe la posibilidad de elección de alojamiento debido a las características que ofrece. Para saber más puedes consultar su descripción.

    Characteristics of the center

    Minimum age of the student
    Students per classroom
    Start of the courses
    2024: 30/06 - 13/07 | 14/07 - 27/07 | 28/07 - 10/08 | 11/08 - 24/08 | Last day of the program: 25/08 - 31/08
    2024: 01-01 01-06 | 03-29 | 01-04 | 01-05, 30-05 | 23-06 | 15-08 | 11-09, 24-09 | 12-10 | 1-11 | 6-12, 8-12, 25-12
    DELE examination center
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    Classroom equipment
    Spacious classrooms equipped with white boards, audiovisuals, office chairs with folding desks
    Computer room
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    Study area
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    Coffee and/or snacks machines
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    Relax area
    Games room, TV room, terrace with the access to the garden and sports equipment


    Native Spanish-speaking teachers
    Teachers' degree
    University graduates
    Books and educational material
    PRISMA student books

    Terms and conditions

    The payment of 100% of the invoice is mandatory before the arrival of the client.

    A personalized Enforex certificate will be issued for studies in accordance with the guidelines established by the Instituto Cervantes and the current legislation regulating non-accredited education.

    This certificate will contain the name of the course taken, course level and number of hours completed. The name of the school in which the class(es) were given, dates of enrollment and level achieved will also be included.

    This certificate is not valid as an official document in accordance with the legislation regulating non-accredited education.

    Course verification will only be issued to students who attend at least 85% of their classes.

    Credit issued due to exceptional circumstances is only valid for up to 12 months from the date of issuance. Once the 12 month period ends, the student loses the right to the credit or refund. Credit is valid only for the geographic region for which it was issued (i.e., credit issued for Spain is not valid for programs in Latin America) and is nontransferable to other students.

    Credit note can not be converted into a refund.

    All Enforex students in Spain are covered by a standard insurance policy. To see an overview of the policy you will receive, please check If you would simply like to obtain a wider coverage, we advise you to purchase this in your own country.

    In the event that during the program the customer needs medical treatment, and/or needs to be hospitalized and/or undergo surgery without Enforex being able to trace the parents, guardians or legal representative, Enforex is authorized to take action it deems fit for the customers health in accordance with the medical center attended renouncing any liability on Enforex’s part. The participant must disclose any information regarding any medical treatment and/or medication taken during their stay in the program. Enforex disclaims any liability for the customers failure to disclose any such medical information, moreover, all part...

    Accreditations and quality seals of the school

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    icono premio Guarantee. We visit each school to guarantee its quality.
    icon escudo Reliability. Our staff will help you with any inconvenience.
    icono folleto Flexibility in changing school, course or accommodation after your reservation.
    icon descuento No extra charges additional discounts.


    Discover Barcelona

    Related experiences

    The school Enfocamp Barcelona Playa offers the following cultural activities to complement your course


    what may interest you…

    Study Spanish at Summer Camp Barcelona

    Do you imagine plowing the same waters as champions from Barcelona from 1992? Our campers will be able to do water sports like saling, paddle boarding, windsurf y canoeing in the Olympic Canal.

    Barcelona city is internationally known for its cosmopolitan character, modernist buildings, important museums and coastal location. Its cultural atmosphere abounding in exhibitions, concerts and shows combines with splendid Mediterranean cuisine and charming whereabouts with natural scenery.

    Our summercamp in Barcelona is few minutes away from Castelldefels beach considered a tourists destination due to its closeness to Olympic Canal. It's a perfect spot to spend summer practicing water sports in peaceful environment but still being very close to the hustle and bustle of Barcelona centre.

    The classes are held in the building next to the fully equipped residence hall. Common areas of the summercamp include leisure rooms, study rooms and gardens.

    The accommodation of the students participating in the camp is a residence hall consisting of individual and double rooms to choose from. The building is located in the central part of the campus, very close to the beach. Each room is furnished and bright thanks to the access of the natural light and has a private bathroom.

    The programme of our Barcelona Beach camp is created in a way that permits the students participation in the variety of workshops and additional leisure activities adapted to different age groups and do many games and sports.


    School and courses

    The camp is located a few minutes from the centre of Barcelona, in Castelldefels. There's 5km of fine sand beach as it is situated at the Mediterranean coast but close to the views offered by natural park Garraf.
    All the students will have 4 lessons of 45 minutes each per day. They are held in the mornings from Monday to Friday. The groups are formed by 8 students on the average with the maximum of 15.
    When the programme is over and the student has passed the course, they receive the report on their progress and the personalised certificate.
    Our summer camps are designed for children and teenagers between 5 and 18 years of age.


    If you need any special diet, we can offer you adapted meals. Just inform about it in the booking process.
    The accommodation for the students is a residence hall consisting of individual and double rooms to choose from. It is located in the centre of the campus, very close to the beach. The rooms are furnished and bright with plenty of natural light. All of them have a private bathroom.
    The summer camps have a medical assistance trying to provide the best health for the participants. In case of any alergies or other significant medical records we kindly ask you to inform us about it during the booking process so we can bear the case in mind.
    The programme management will allow 3 unsupervised leavings during 2-week period only for the students: whose birthdate matches, or is prior to, the one established by the management for every season and whose parents or guardians will send before the beginning of the programme signed and filled “"Permission to leave school”.
    Special transport to and from the summer camp can be arranged. If chosen, each student is met with a noticeable sign with the ENFOCAMP logo and their name on it. They are also provided the emergency phone number so that they can warn us about any last minute changes.
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